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Julie Kjorsvik l <br /> From: Katia Merkel <> <br /> Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2013 12:27 PM <br /> To: Kittitas County Commissioners Office <br /> Subject: Pot growing operation locations <br /> Hi, <br /> I live in the area near where at least 2 of the pot growers applications come from. I actually don't have qualms <br /> about legal pot growing and feel that a commercially regulated business is far preferable to illegal operations <br /> that trash our public lands, but I am concerned with an agricultural product being grown with well water. <br /> I believe that any agricultural business should be confined to one of the irrigation districts. I would be just as <br /> concerned if a neighbor wanted to grow grapes or apples commercially on their land. Please consider where the <br /> water will be coming from when you consider where these grow operations can be located. <br /> Thanks, <br /> Katia Merkel <br /> 2141 White Road <br /> Cle Elum <br /> i <br />