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Julie Kjorsvik <br /> From: Dave Duncan and Sons <> <br /> Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2013 11:07 AM <br /> To: Julie Kjorsvik; Kittitas County Commissioners Office <br /> Subject: I-502 meeting <br /> Thank you for the opportunity to comment on 1-502. My name is Clint Duncan and along with my brothers John and Brad <br /> Duncan we own High Valley Ranch at 4630 Weaver Rd. We moved into Kittitas County and bought High Valley Ranch <br /> over thirty years ago. We own thirteen separate parcels of land on Weaver Rd. We recently learned that Solstice is <br /> planning three, three tier Marijuana growing operations on ten acres that is adjacent to our property. The address on the <br /> Solstice application is 4930 Weaver Rd. <br /> Weaver Road is not an appropriate area to grow Marijuana. As tax payers and citizens of Kittitas County we feel it is the <br /> commissioner's duty to protect our quality of life, property values and safety. <br /> There is no question that a marijuana growing operation on Weaver Road would have an extremely negative affect on <br /> property values. We are like most folks in Kittitas valley in that our homes and property are our single biggest investment. <br /> I think it is safe to characterize Weaver Rd as a premium Rural/Residential west side location with premium property <br /> values. This is not an appropriate place for a growing operation. The only appropriate place for a marijuana growing <br /> operation would be in an area where the growing operation does not have a negative affect on neighboring property <br /> values. <br /> Safety is another big concern. These growing operations attract gangs and organized crime. There are SEPA reviews that <br /> back this up. We have school aged children and there are many other families with children on Weaver Rd. The present <br /> laws indicate that it is illegal to have a marijuana growing operation within 1 000f of a School or public transit center. This <br /> should also include school bus stops and any homes where children are present. <br /> Presently Kittitas County is a great place to live, raise our kids and we are proud to live here. We hope that you consider <br /> the negative impacts that 502 will have on our community and on our quality of life. When I think of an appropriate place <br /> to grow Marijuana I think of remote areas like the Columbia basin or areas with large parcels of land and no families close <br /> by. Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this urgent matter. Clint Duncan <br /> 1 <br />