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CHANGES: <br />No alteration in any of the terms, conditions, delivery price, quality, quantities, or specification of <br />this order will be effective without written consent of the Kittitas County Department of Public <br />Works. <br />HANDLING: <br />No charges will be allowed for handling unless otherwise stated herein. <br />DELIVERY: <br />For any exception to the delivery date as specified by the Department of Public Works, Vendor <br />shall give prior notification and obtain written approval thereto from the Kittitas County <br />Department of Public Works Director with respect to delivery under this order. Time is of the <br />essence and the order is subject to termination for failure to deliver as specified. <br />The acceptance by Kittitas County Department of Public Works of late performance with or <br />without objection or reservation shall not waive the right to claim damage for such breach nor <br />constitute a waiver of the requirements of the timely performance of any obligation remaining to <br />be performed by Vendor. <br />REJECTION: <br />All goods or materials purchased herein are subject to approval by Kittitas County Department <br />of Public Works. Any rejection of goods or materials resulting because of nonconformity to the <br />terms and specifications of this order, whether held by the Kittitas County Department of Public <br />Works or returned will be at the Vendor's risk and expense. <br />All invoices, packing lists, packages, shipping notices, instruction manuals, and other written <br />documents affecting this order shall contain the applicable purchase order number. <br />WARRANTIES: <br />Vendor warrants that articles supplied under this order conform to specifications herein and are <br />fit for the purpose for which such goods are ordinarily employed, except that if a particular <br />purpose is stated, the material must then be fit for that particular purpose. <br />ASSIGNMENTS: <br />The provisions or moneys due under this contract shall only be assignable with prior written <br />consent of the Kittitas County. <br />LIENS. CLAIMS and ENCUMBRANCES: <br />Vendor warrants and represents that all the goods and materials ordered herein are free and <br />clear of all liens, claims or encumbrances of any kind. <br />2018 Crack Sealant Material and Equipment 2 <br />