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RISK OF LOSS: <br />Vendor agrees to bear all risks of loss, injury, or destruction of goods and materials ordered <br />herein which occur prior to delivery. Such loss, injury or destruction shall not release Vendor <br />from any obligation hereunder. <br />USE BY OTHER AGENCIES: <br />The items in this bid are for consumption by Kittitas County and other governmental agencies in <br />Kittitas County if they desire. <br />Partial list includes the following: <br />1. Kittitas County Airport <br />2. Kittitas County Fair Board <br />3. Kittitas County Fire Districts <br />4. Kittitas County Reclamation District <br />5. Kittitas County School Districts <br />6. Kittitas County Sheriff <br />7. Kittitas County Noxious Weed <br />8. Kittitas County Public Utility District <br />9. Cascade Irrigation District <br />10. City of Cie Elum <br />11. City of Ellensburg <br />12. City of Kittitas <br />13. City of Roslyn <br />14. City of South Cie Elum <br />FORM OF CONTRACT: <br />The successful bidder may be required to enter into formal contract; however, in the absence of <br />such requirements, it is agreed by the bidder that his bid submitted, together with "Notice of <br />Award" issued by Kittitas County, will together constitute a contract fully binding upon both parties <br />thereto. <br />COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS: <br />The successful bidder shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and <br />regulations affecting its performance and hold the County harmless against any claims arising <br />from the violation thereof. <br />CONTRACT DISPUTES: <br />Any contractual agreement shall be performed under the laws of the State of Washington. Any <br />litigation to enforce such agreement or any of its provisions shall be brought in Kittitas County, <br />Washington. <br />DEFAULT: <br />The Vendor covenants and agrees that in the event suit is instituted by Kittitas County for any <br />default on the part of the Vendor, and the Vendor is adjudged by a court of competent <br />jurisdiction to be in default, the Vendor shall pay to Kittitas County all cost, expenses expended <br />2018 Crack Sealant Material and Equipment 3 <br />