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"Amount from County Request" and in line "Construction Costs - New Building".) The <br />total request for the six-year period is $980,000, which you will find on the budget <br />template in the top third of the sheet in the line for "Total County Request". Please <br />refer to the highlighted budget form at the back of this packet. <br />In the Budget Narrative, you will find the Information regarding.the funding request <br />amount per year and total for the 6 years. (See the section in red at the bottom of the <br />narrative.) We have broken the budget narrative out per house which may help <br />understand this. <br />Kittitas County Habitat for Humanity <br />Revenue and Development Costs Per House <br />Donors <br />$ 5,000.00 <br />Habitat Store <br />$ 3,500.00 <br />Other Grants <br />$ 13,000.00 <br />In -Kind Donations <br />$ 2,000.00 <br />3rd Party Lending <br />$ 67,900.00 <br />Events <br />$ 4,285.71 <br />Reliable Source/Develo2mment <br />Costs Subtotal <br />$ 95,685.71 <br />HAHC - 2060 Funds <br />$ 70,000.00 <br />2060 Funding - Subtotal <br />$ 70,000.00 <br />Habitat - Additional Fundraising <br />Efforts <br />$ 6,814.29 <br />Habitat -Additional Fundraising <br />Efforts Subtotal <br />$ 6,814.29 <br />Total Revenue and Development_ <br />Costs Per House <br />$ 172,500.00 <br />