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Kittitas County Habitat for Humanity <br />Grant Application Questions — Responses <br />Habitat —14 House Build Project <br />Kittitas County 2060 Funding for Affordable Housing <br />1. Questions regarding land — "What is the adjusted price per house if the land is <br />donated" —Answer: (Note that each house is estimated to cost $172,500 — not $70,000 <br />— however, our request for this grant is $70,000 per house). This project is based in <br />part on the assumption that the City of Ellensburg partners with Habitat for Humanity <br />using the land at Water/Bender Streets. If the City donates the land, there will be <br />development costs for the infrastructure for the housing development: costs for <br />putting in Water Street, sidewalk costs, and lighting cost. These costs could be as <br />much as the land would cost if we were to purchase the land outright. <br />2. Goals — measurable objectives and timelines. <br />Answer: Please see revised Goals and objectives forms. We have added additional <br />timelines. Note that the goal for this project specifically addresses 2018 as per your <br />request. Goal 2 - Strategy 1 indicates that the process continues throughout the six- <br />year period. A schedule for Houses to be completed each year is below: <br />1) 2018 - Complete Houses 18,19 and start House 20; <br />2) 2019 - Complete Houses 20, 21 and start House 22; <br />3) 2020 - Complete Houses 22, 23 and start House 24; <br />4) 2021- Complete Houses 24, 25 and start House 26; <br />5) 2022 - Complete Houses 26, 27, 28 and start House 29; <br />6) 2023 - Complete Houses 29, 30 and 31 and start House 32 <br />3. Budget questions: Specifically regarding the $163,333 requested for each year in the <br />budget. <br />Answer: Our grant application is a request for a total of 14 houses. We have <br />estimated the cost of construction at $172,500 per house. Our request to Kittitas <br />County is for $70,000 per house for reimbursement for construction costs. We have <br />averaged the number of houses we will complete each year to 2.33. $70,000 per <br />house times 14 houses equals $980,000 total request for 2060 funds for the 6 -year <br />period. This is divided by 6 years, which equals $163,333.33 per year. We would bill <br />the County as a reimbursement for expenses on the houses. $163,333.33 is the <br />amount of our request per year from the County. (Please see the budget column - <br />