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The following is the information we included in our grant application. This information <br />includes costs related to all 14 houses: <br />Donors -approximately $5, 000/house - reliable source <br />$ 70,000 <br />Habitat Store Net Profit - approximately $3,500/house - reliable source <br />$ 49,000 <br />Grant (not including 2060) Funding - approximately $13,000/house <br />$182,000 <br />In -Kind Donations -Approximately $2,000/house - reliable source <br />$ 28,000 <br />Third -party lending - Approximately $67,900/house -reliable source <br />$ 950,600 <br />Events - 6 years @ $10,000/year - reliable source. <br />L=VJO=LO <br />Sub -Total of Reliable Revenue_ Sources far Construction <br />not including Kittitas „County funding) _ $1,339,600 <br />If City of Ellensburg land is donated, this will provide the property, but development costs <br />will off -set what would have spent to purchase the land. if Ellensburg land is not donated, <br />we will have a land cost of about $45,000+ per lot depending on location of land. <br />Additional Fundraising Efforts Required by Habitat over 6 -year period <br />Funding that has not yet been committed now will be raised through various resources <br />such as additional donors, increased Store revenue, additional events, and additional <br />grants sources. <br />Additional Fundralsing E its Re uired bX Habitat over 5- ear_peri_od '�+` 95,400 tt <br />We request the Kittitas County to fund this grant of $70,000 per house for 14 houses to <br />speed up the build process. We can only build as quickly as we can raise funds. The <br />need for affordable homeownership is at a crisis level now. Grant request total <br />2060 Grant Request Total „-�$ 989,000 <br />4. County Priorities - Question about programs that increase the access to affordable <br />homeownership. Habitat responded in initial,grant application: <br />Program which increases access to affordable home ownership <br />KCHFH is the only affordable homeownership non-profit new -construction housing provider <br />in Kittitas County. For qualified individuals/families, KCHFH makes affordable housing a <br />reality through affordable loans, assistance of hundreds of volunteers, the Habitat Store and <br />financial support of grants, fundraisers and donations. <br />The 3rd Goal of KC Homeless and Affordable Housing Committee Implementation Matrix -to <br />increase community awareness, education and engagement around homelessness and <br />housing issues in Kittitas County. KCHFH addresses this goal by annually engaging hundreds <br />3 <br />