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BOWERS FIELD - AIRPORT ADVISORY COMMITTEE <br />AMENDED CHARTER <br />THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS HEREBY AMENDS THE AIRPORT <br />ADVISORY COMMITTEE CHARTER: <br />The Airport Advisory Committee will strive to plan for the development of the airport' s <br />industrial, agricultural, and aeronautical areas. <br />The Committee will give recommendations to the Director of Airport Operations or Airport Staff <br />as deemed appropriate on the following review standards: <br />1) Make recommendations on Airport Master Plan <br /> <br />2) Make recommendations on long-term Revenue Generation <br />a) Initial Consultation and Final Product Review of Standard Leasing Policies and <br />Templates: <br />i) Conventional Hangar <br />ii) T-Hangar <br />iii) Airside Land <br />iv) Commercial Land/Building <br />b) Business Park/Industrial Area Development <br />c) Aeronautical Facilities <br /> <br />3) Make recommendations on Non-FAA Capital Improvement Project Proposals: <br />a) Development of initial project parameters <br />b) Final product review before Board of County Commissioner’s approval <br />c) Fast track projects – streamlined process procedures <br /> <br />4) Make recommendations on development of initial Airport regulatory documents and <br />review on periodic basis, such as: <br />a) Minimum Standards <br />b) Rules and Regulations/Safety Standards <br />c) Design Standards <br /> <br />5) Assist in developing a positive reputation of the Airport and Kittitas County by <br />promoting awareness, assisting in marketing efforts and public events that support the <br />Strategic Plan of Kittitas County and Bowers Field Airport. <br /> <br />6) Periodic department financial review for committee understanding and alignment with <br />airport goals and objectives <br />a) Recommend January report of previous year and August report on following year <br />high-level budgetary planning