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COMMISSIONERS' MINUTES <br />KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON <br />BOCC CONFERENCE ROOM <br />REGULAR MEETING <br />Tuesday 2:00 PM October 10, 2017 <br />Board members present: Laura Osiadacz, Obie O'Brien <br />Others: Patti Johnson, Lisa Lawrence, Jill Scheffer, Tim Gruver <br />REGULAR MEETING COMMISSIONERS <br />Meeting called to order at 2:01pm <br />Recycling Issues: Patti informed the Board there will be a SWAC <br />meeting next week to discuss future recycling options. Stating <br />that all programs have been re -started except for household <br />batteries. Discussion was held on the National SWORD Project and <br />that China is changing what they are recycling and the <br />uncertainty of how it will affect recycling programs. Patti <br />informed the Board that currently Waste Management has diverted <br />the County's recycling from their Woodinville Facility to their <br />Spokane Facility. <br />Patti gave a brief update on recycling programs including Oil <br />and Vehicle Batteries that the County is still getting paid <br />under contract for them. Antifreeze costs for disposal and the <br />fee for tires is a cost recovery. <br />Discussion was held on Blue Bin Recycling at the Transfer <br />Station and taking into consideration ADA access at the new <br />Facility. <br />Transfer Station Siting Update: Patti informed the Board that <br />the Public meeting was held and that there wasn't as good of a <br />turn out has hoped for with the number of notifications that <br />were sent out. She informed the Board that the Consultant is <br />compiling the comments and will schedule a meeting with her soon <br />to discuss them. <br />Septage Screen: Patti informed the Board that a Pumper is not <br />happy with the new screen design that was installed to meet the <br />new regulations and permit. Discussion was held on the 1/8 inch <br />difference and design of the new screen from the old. The issues <br />and costs associated with installing power and water were <br />discussed. The Board directed Patti to get an estimate on the <br />