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cost per foot to drill a well and for power. Further discussion <br />included that a rate increase would be necessary for the latter <br />option. Patti informed the Board that we needed to move to the <br />other lagoon so temporarily she will install a bar screen at the <br />new 3/8 inch requirement to get through the winter and continue <br />to research costs and options on a better design. <br />Morris Sorenson Boiler: Patti informed the Board that the <br />pressure tank inspection from L & I failed. Stating that the <br />cost to fix is around $9,000 and that there is no guarantee that <br />it won't still fail since the piping etc. is all the same age. <br />The cost to replace the entire system would cost around $64,000. <br />The Board directed Patti to provide more details of the choices <br />for repair and to set up another Study Session to discuss. <br />Request Board Approval for Chair to initial changes on the <br />Contract with M.G. Wagner: Patti presented the Board with the <br />Contract with M.G. Wagner for the Bowling Alley Roofing stating <br />the end date changed due to legal review and the agenda process <br />we lost our spot on the list with the Contractor. She informed <br />the Board the other change was pollution liability from 2 <br />million to 1 million which is standard with this type of <br />project. Commissioner O'Brien made a motion for Vice Chair to <br />initial said changes. Commissioner Osiadacz seconded the motion. <br />Motion passed 2-0. <br />Patti informed the Board she interviewed for the Maintenance <br />Tech positions and that HR was performing background checks and <br />checking references on two candidates to hopefully hire. <br />Commissioner O'Brien informed Patti that the push button on the <br />ADA entrance is not working properly. <br />Carnival Contract - renewal: Jill informed the Board that the <br />Fairboard requested to continue the Carnival Contract for 5 <br />years stating that the Contract has been through legal, the <br />dates were changed to 2018 and additional language was added for <br />the Carnival to provide benches in the midway and to provide <br />carnival workers names in advance to allow time for background <br />checks to be completed. Discussion included that this Company <br />has the only Ferris Wheel in the Pacific Northwest that is <br />available Labor Day Weekend. Further discussion was held on <br />safety issues including the Slide and how the State Inspection <br />process works. <br />