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0 <br />Kittitas Co;int <br />Public Health <br />•;,qWW0,= uepartmen, <br />To Protect and Promote the Health and the Environment of the People of Kittitas County <br />KITTITAS COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH (BOH) <br />Joint BOH/BOCC Meeting minutes <br />Meeting Minutes <br />April 28, 2017 <br />Commissioners' Auditorium <br />2:00 p.m. <br />Present <br />Board of Health (BOH): Paul Jewell, Obie O'Brien, Laura Osiadacz, John Asriel, M.D. <br />Absent: Rich Elliott <br />Board of Health AdvisoEy Committee BOHAC : Andrew Lyons, Hartwig Vatheuer <br />Public Health: Candi Blackford, Katie Odiaga, Kaitlyn Reddick, Kasey Knutson, Erin Moore, Amy <br />Fuller, Tristen Lamb, Holly Myers, Robin Read, Mark Larson, M.D, Will Schwab, Liz Whitaker <br />Others: Michelle Cawley, Early Childhood Learning Center <br />Paul Jewell called Meeting called to order at 2: 02 p.m. <br />Holly Myers stepped to the microphone and reviewed the staff report presented. During the initial fee <br />schedule presentation in January, one of the initial concerns was about the farmer's market fee for all <br />vendors. The department completed a quality improvement project and has established a new type of <br />Temporary Food Establishment (TFE) permit proposal. The new permit types are A and B. Type B <br />encompasses food sold at a fixed location operating no more than three days a week with a fixed menu in <br />conjunction with an approved, recurring, organized event. Farmer's market vendors fit into this category. <br />There will now be three different risk levels associated with temporary food events. The proposed new <br />fees will be associated with the following temporary permit types: <br />Type B: <br />0 Level 3- high risk type B TFE fee is $405.00 to cover 2 inspections and a permit for all farmers' <br />market events in Kittitas County for a 12 month period. Level 3 -high risk includes the <br />preparation, handling, or cooking of one or more foods from a raw state (beef, poultry, fish <br />/shellfish). <br />■ Level 2 -moderate risk Type B TFE fee is $295.00 to include at least one inspection and a permit <br />for all farmers' market events in Kittitas County for a 12 month period. Level 2- moderate risk <br />includes advanced preparation and serving of potentially hazardous foods that may require hot <br />holding, and preparation of sandwiches, salads, and wraps but not cooking meat, poultry, or <br />fish/shellfish from a raw state. <br />