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KITTITAS VALLEY EVENT CENTER <br />Home of the Kittitas County Fair and Ellensburg Rodeo <br />901 E. 7th Ave, Suite 1, Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br /> <br />Office (509) 962-7639 <br />Fax (509) 962-7010 <br /> <br />REQUEST FOR BIDS <br /> <br />BID OPENING DATE: November 19, 2019 <br />TIME: 12:00 PM <br />LOCATION: EVENT CENTER DIRECTOR <br /> KITTITAS VALLEY EVENT CENTER <br /> 901 E 7th AVE, SUITE 1 <br /> ELLENSBURG, WA 98926 <br />BID TITLE: Water Truck <br />BID NO.: KVEC2019-01 <br />DEPARTMENT: Kittitas Valley Event Center <br /> <br />NOTICE TO ALL BIDDERS <br />You are hereby notified that it its Kittitas County’s intent to establish a standard of competition. <br />You are, therefore, encouraged to bid at variance with those specifications which you considered <br />immaterial to the overall operation and performance. Kittitas Valley Event Center (a department <br />of Kittitas County) reserves the right to include in their analysis of responsible bidder, the past <br />and/or anticipated performance of either the bidder or the product being bid. <br /> <br />RFB PURPOSE AND SPECIFICATIONS <br />The Kittitas Valley Event Center (hereby referred to as “KVEC”) anticipates the need for one <br />water truck. The equipment shall be used and meet all the minimum specifications. Any <br />additions, deletions or variations from the following specifications contained in this bid must be <br />noted or the bid will be rejected. <br /> <br />VENDOR CONTACTS <br />KVEC conducts its procurements to maximize competition and provide all vendors with an <br />opportunity to compete fairly. For any procurements over $50,000.00, all contacts and <br />correspondence with the Kittitas Valley Event Center after the Request for Bids go out, must be <br />exclusively through a designated Contact Person, and no one else. <br /> <br />The designated contact for this procurement is Kady Porterfield, Event Center Director at <br />(509)962-7675 or email: Questions must be submitted by <br />email at the email address listed above. <br /> <br />Bidders, their agents, and representatives are directed not to contact or lobby other staff <br />members, management or members of the Board of County Commissioners of Kittitas County <br />regarding this RFB. Questions raised through the designated contact person and answers thereto <br />will be emailed to all known prospective bidders. <br />