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KJTTIT AS V ALLEY EVENT CENTER <br />FACILITIES LEASE AGREEMENT <br />This Agreement made and dated this Z /(l day of! } ~ ,2016 by and between <br />KITTITAS COUNTY as lessor, hereafter referred to as "County", and the ELLENSBURG <br />RODEO ASSOClA TION, hereinafter referred to as "Lessee" or "Association", wherein the <br />Parties agrees as follows: <br />1. TERMS: For consideration of the rental herein specified and the covenants herein <br />stated, the County herewith leases to the Lessee the following portion of the Kittitas County <br />Fairgrounds; hereinafter the "leased premises", commonly known as the "Rodeo Grounds". <br />The "Rodeo Grounds" and associated properties and locations as described: the Rodeo <br />arena, all grandstands (but not including the rooms or facilities under the main/south <br />grandstand), covered and uncovered seating around the Rodeo arena (including that portion of <br />land upon which the Association's 800-seat temporary bleachers are located), the track <br />surrounding the Rodeo Arena, all facilities, fixed equipment and the grounds enclosed by the <br />track, all associated stock pens surrounding the arena, the Gold Buckle building, the Western <br />Village, all barns presently lying North and East of the Rodeo Arena (Director's Barn, Dinner <br />Bell Handicap Bam, and Posse Barns), the fenced parking immediately West of the 8th Avenue <br />entrance, the parking area directly North ofthe Rodeo Grounds (bounded on the South by 8th <br />Street, the North by the alley between 8th and 9 th Streets, East by Alder Street and on the West by <br />1009 E. 8th Street, otherwise known as Lots 9, 10, and II of Block 90); and such rights, <br />conditions and limitations as may have been reserved by the County in that instrument dated the <br />5 th of January 1933 and recorded in Volume 52 of Records of Deeds to a) portion of Craig <br />A venue and Patrick A venue and Reed Park between the water tower and the American Legion <br />Hall; and b) the hillside road leading from the top of Craig's Hill to the Rodeo Arena track. <br />2. NATIVE AMERICAN FACILITES: The lease for the property described as: the <br />area East of Alder Street, North of the lot currently owned by the Ellensburg Rodeo, and <br />immediately South of the John Wayne Trail, which serves to accommodate the Native <br />Americans present at the Rodeo, shall be included in the Terms and Conditions of this <br />Agreement. <br />3. PURPOSE: The Lessee shall use the premises only for the following purpose : <br />Lessee will conduct a professional Rodeo and other such activities as the Association <br />shall choose in conjunction therewith including but not limited to "slack performances", bull <br />riding, night shows, concessions, "Behind the Chutes", souvenir sales and the operation of areas <br />of general public entertainment on the above described premises for the period of the lease as <br />described herein. <br />4. RENTAL FEES: The Association shall pay to the County as rent for the annual <br />period of occupancy, the total sum of $50,000.00 for the first year of the lease, to be paid, on or <br />before October), 20) 7. The annual payment for each subsequent year will be determined by the <br />County and noticed to the Association in the following manner: at the beginning of each new <br />Ellensburg Rodeo Association Contract January 1, 2017 through December 3 1, 2019