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calendar year, the County Auditor's office will add an amount equal to 1 % or the average <br />Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the period January -June of the previous year as published by <br />the Bureau of Labor Statistics, whichever is greater, to the previous year's payment, and notify <br />the Association in writing of the new rate no later than January 31 st of that year. The total sum <br />as determined by the County and noticed to the Association is to be paid on or before October 1 st <br />of each year. <br />The County waives the expectation of any and all parking and/or camping-RV revenue <br />from properties leased to the Association during the Association's period of occupancy. The <br />County waives all expectation of revenue from the rental of stalls or barns from the properties <br />leased to the Association during the Association 's period of occupancy. <br />5. FAIR ADMITTANCE: All tickets issued by the Association for any event <br />conducted during the period of occupancy shall contain a "County Fair stub" that guarantees the <br />patrons of that event admission to the Kittitas County Fair, and any event hosted by the <br />Association where no ticket is required for entry shall be made available to Fair patrons as well. <br />The rental fee set forth above includes admission of the Association's patrons to the Fair. The <br />Association shall present to the Kittitas County Fair a certified accounting of the gross number of <br />Rodeo and other event tickets issued by the Association with a Fair stub by October I st of each <br />year. <br />6. RECIPROCAL USE OF FACILITIES: The Association owns real property and <br />structures located on the Association-owned real property (see Exhibit A) within the areas <br />encompassed by the 2016 Kittitas Valley Event Center Master Plan. The Association grants to <br />Kittitas County the use of those properties and structures at no charge to be used by the County <br />as part of the Kittitas Valley Event Center facilities. This use by the County is allowed <br />throughout the term of this lease except for during the period of occupancy by the Association. <br />7. RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL: The Association grants to the County the right of <br />first refusal on any of the properties owned by the Association that lie within the area described <br />under option "A" of the 2016 Kittitas Valley Event Center Master Plan. <br />8. PERIOD OF OCCUPANCY: The Association shall be entitled to exclusive use and <br />possession of the above described premises for a twenty-four (24) day period each year during <br />the term of this agreement. The period of joint occupancy shall begin the Monday two weeks <br />prior to the advertised first day of the Rodeo at 7:00 AM and shall end the second Wednesday <br />following Labor Day at 9:00 PM. In addition to the occupancy period set forth above, the <br />Association shall have the right to use the Gold Buckle building, the large room in the Southwest <br />corner of the Western Village, and the Rodeo Arena, three times each, per year, without charge, <br />subject to scheduling with the Event Center management. In addition, the Association is granted <br />access to the facilities at such times as are necessary and reasonable to do maintenance, repair, <br />and/or capital improvements as may be necessary. <br />The Association shall be entitled to exclusive possession of the stock pens surrounding the area <br />fourteen (14) days prior to the first day of the Rodeo. Requests to use the stock pens during the <br />period of exclusive occupation shall be submitted to the Association for their approval. <br />Ellensburg Rodeo Association Contract January 1, 2017 through December 3 1, 2019