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Kittitas Valley Event Center <br />Rental and Use Rates, Packages and Discounts Fee Schedule <br />Rates Effective 2/21/18 <br />Labor/Clean Up (per employee per hour)65.00$ <br />Motorized Equipment with Operator (per <br />equipment per hour)125.00$ <br /> <br />Main Hall(Include Kitchen & BI AV)525.00$ VIP/Dance Hall 367.50$ <br />Conf A: Includes BI AV 105.00$ Ticket office 78.75$ <br />Conf B 78.75$ Shops 1-4 (Each)78.75$ <br />Conf C 78.75$ Shop 5 52.50$ <br />PKGE: All 4 Rooms 708.75$ Shop 6 Small Bar 78.75$ <br />PKGE: Hall + Conf A 577.50$ Courtyard (with Rental of at least 1 Other WT Room)210.00$ <br />PKGE: Hall + Conf B or C 551.25$ All Space 630.00$ <br />Teanaway 630.00$ Gazebo 78.75$ <br />Umtanum 630.00$ Frontier Village 157.50$ <br />Kitchen 157.50$ Yakima Indian Village 78.75$ <br />PKGE: Both Halls no Kitchen 1,155.00$ Vendor Courtyard 210.00$ <br />PKGE: Both Halls w/Kitchen 1,260.00$ Hunt Memorial Dog Arena 78.75$ <br />North Parking Lot 315.00$ <br />N-1 Lot 52.50$ <br />Manastash Room 367.50$ <br />Heritage Center 210.00$ <br />Naneum Room 105.00$ <br />Rodeo Arena - All Inclusive Rate <br />(pens, behind the chutes, concession stands)1,050.00$ <br />Taneum Room 105.00$ Rodeo Arena set up day (40% discount)630.00$ <br />PKGE: All 4 Grandstand Rooms 708.75$ Gold Buckle Club 315.00$ <br />Behind the Chutes 210.00$ <br />West Concession Stand 105.00$ <br /> Bloom Full Day 630.00$ East Concession Stand 52.50$ <br />Bloom Hourly (2-hour minimum)47.25$ <br />Hourly Club Rate <br />(clubs w/40 hours/year 3-5 hr rentals)57.75$ <br />Clockum Room 78.25$ <br />Historic Barns <br />Barn A - 72 Stalls 1,071.00$ RV/Camper - Individual Rate 36.75$ <br />Barn B - 36 Stalls 535.00$ RV/Camper - Group Rate 31.50$ <br />Barn C - 16 Stalls 220.50$ RV/Camper Winter (No Water)21.00$ <br />PKGE: Bloom w/Barn A, B, and C 2,250.00$ Dry Camping 17.85$ <br />Stalls - Overnight Individual Rate 21.00$ Reed Park Closure (ticketed events only)367.50$ <br />Stalls - Overnight Group Rate 15.75$ <br />Stalls - Tie/Day/Tack Use 10.50$ <br />Stock Pens 10.50$ <br />Labor Rates <br />Rates are per Item/Room per day unless otherwise <br />noted <br />2018 Event Center Rental Rates <br />Teanaway and Umtanum Halls <br />Rodeo Arena (no Non-Profit Discount) <br />Outdoor Spaces (no Non-Profit Discounts) <br />Western TownArmory <br />Camping <br />Bloom Pavilion <br />Grandstand Rooms <br />Page 1 of 3