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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />AGENDA STAFF REPORT <br />AGENDA DATE: February 6, 2018 <br />ACTION REQUESTED: Request to Approve a Resolution to Establish Portions of <br />Sunnyview Lane and Middlecrest Drive within Currier <br />Creek Estates Phase 3 onto the Kittitas County Road <br />System. <br />BACKGROUND: Resolution 2006-175 established adopted Currier Creek <br />Division 1 Phase 1 roadways onto the County public road <br />system and committed adding Phase 3 roadways when <br />completed. <br />Recently (October 18, 2017), Currier Creek Phase 3 was <br />finalized and Public Works desires adding new sections of <br />Sunnyview Lane and Middlecrest Drive onto the County <br />public road system. <br />A separate action is being taken to set the speed limit for <br />the new sections of roadway and to place stop control at <br />newly created intersections. <br />INTERACTION: Public Works <br />RECOMMENDATION: Accept new portions of Sunnyview Lane and Middlecrest <br />Drive within Currier Creek Phase 3 onto the County public <br />road system. <br />HANDLING: Return one original to Public Works <br />ATTACHMENTS: Exhibit 1: Map of new sections: Sunnyview Lane and <br />Middlecrest Drive <br />LEAD STAFF: Mark R. Cook, Director <br />