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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />APPLICATION FOR TOURISM-RELATED, LARGE-SCALE MUNICIPALITY-OWNED CIP <br />Applicant Information <br /> <br />Name of Municipality: Kittitas County Park and Recreation District No. 1 <br />Mailing Address: P. O Box 1064, Roslyn, WA 98941 <br />Contact Person and Title: John Storch <br />Phone: (509) 260-0604 <br />Email: <br />Project Title: Evergreen SnoPark Completion <br />Project Location: Southwest of Cle Elum off Westside Road, then Woods and Steel Road, on <br />All Seasons Road. <br />Application Requirements <br />__X__ 1. The project qualifies for lodging tax funds as a capital expenditure of a tourism- <br />related facility owned or operated by a municipality. <br />A park and recreation district is a municipal corporation under  <br />state law.  See RCW 36.69.010 (“Park and recreation districts are  <br />hereby authorized to be formed as municipal corporations for the  <br />purpose of providing leisure time activities and facilities and  <br />recreational facilities, of a nonprofit nature as a public service to  <br />the residents of the geographical areas included within their  <br />boundaries”). <br />__X__ 2. If this application is not from Kittitas County, the municipality’s lodging tax advisory <br />committee (or equivalent) has been informed of the project and endorsed it. <br />Attachment A is the District’s project letter and endorsement. <br />__X__ 3. Lodging tax capital project funds are not being substituted for other funds that are <br />already secured or applied for (if applicable). <br />No other secured or applied for funds are associated with this project. <br />__X__ 4. A completed project budget is included in the application. <br />We have included the District’s project budget. <br />__X__ 5. A detailed 8 ½ X 11 vicinity map that clearly shows the location of the project is <br />included. <br />Attachment B is the Evergreen SnoPark’s project map. <br />__X__ 6. As part of its contract for performance, a municipality may require contractors to <br />maintain liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 or more and name the municipality as <br />an additional insured on its liability insurance policy. <br />The District is insured by Enduris that matches and/or exceeds this requirement.