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Discussion was held. Staff was directed to wait to do the <br />solicitation until the new Airport Manager is hired. <br />DRIVEWAY REQUIREMENTS DISCUSSION <br />Mark Cook stated that currently Kittitas County Road Standards have <br />set a minimum driveway width of twelve feet (121) however; <br />International Fire Code is twenty feet (201) in width as a requirement <br />of new driveways. Mark Cook continued stating that staff had received <br />direction approximately six months ago to formulate a committee to <br />review the current road standards. Mark Cook added that it has been <br />difficult to find people to serve on the committee and getting an <br />update to them completed will take some time. Mark Cook explained that <br />staff is now looking for direction on what requirement staff should <br />follow when issuing new permits. Discussion was held. Staff was <br />directed to bring the topic to the full Board of County Commissioners <br />at the next study session, invite the Fire Marshal to attend and get <br />some comments regarding the impacts of the change in the requirement <br />from local developers. <br />WHISKEY/MERCER CREEK(S) FLOOD MODEL UPDATE <br />Mark Cook gave background on the flood flow model that was completed <br />in Summer of 2018. Mark Cook continued that the City of Ellensburg <br />was presented with the results of the project for their review and <br />comment. Mark Cook stated that the City of Ellensburg noticed staff <br />that they wanted to have a third party review of the results that were <br />presented. Mark Cook added that the process took the City of <br />Ellensburg three months to complete and in November 2018 County staff <br />attended a presentation by the third party Consultant whose <br />recommendation was to adopt the results of the original study. Mark <br />Cook stated that the City of Ellensburg sent a letter of concurrence <br />for the adoption of the results. Mark Cook continued that he and <br />Commissioner Cory Wright received a request from two local developers <br />to discuss the impacts of the study and staff committed to getting <br />them some information that they requested. Mark Cook added that he <br />just received a letter of the City of Ellensburg stating that they <br />were withdrawing their original letter of concurrence and are asking <br />for county staff to verify that it has been completed. Mark Cook <br />explained that he was not contacted by any staff from the City of <br />Ellensburg for discussions regarding this and was surprised by the <br />notice to withdraw the letter considering the partnership that was <br />being established between the City and County on projects. Mark Cook <br />added that he is not looking for BOCC direction this is for <br />informational purposes only. Discussion was held. No direction was <br />given. <br />2019-02-11 MINUTES <br />