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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />PUBLIC WORKS STUDY SESSION MINUTES <br />COMMISSIONERS' AUDITORIUM, 205 WEST 5TH ROOM 109 ELLENSBURG <br />Regular Meeting <br />MONDAY 1:30 PM FEBRUARY 11, 2019 <br />Board members present: Chairman Cory Wright; Commissioner Laura <br />Osiadacz <br />Others: Mark Cook, Candie Leader, Public Works; Dar. Carlson, Calvana <br />Carper, Lindsey Ozbolt, Mike Flory, Community Development Services <br />At 1:51 pm Chairman Cory Wright opened the Public Works Study Session. <br />An additional item for discussion was added under Other Business: No. <br />6 Road Bridge Replacement Project <br />REQUEST TO APPROVE A NOTICE OF CALL FOR SEALED BIDS FOR THE <br />PROCUREMENT OF A NEW BRIDGE FOR BIG BOULDER CREEK <br />Mark Cook gave background on the project stating that in mid -2018 an <br />issue was found during a bridge inspection that required a load rating <br />to be placed on the structure. Mark Cook stated that after reviewing <br />project timelines he is requesting to advertise for the procurement of <br />the bridge prior to going out to bid for the construction phase of the <br />project. Discussion was held. Chairman Cory Wright called for a <br />motion to approve a Notice of Call for Sealed Bids for the Procurement <br />of a new bridge for Big Boulder Creek. Commissioner Laura Osiadacz <br />made said motion with Chairman Cory Wright seconding the motion. <br />Motion passed 2-0. <br />ADDITION TO THE UPPER COUNTY TRAFFIC TASK FORCE <br />Mark Cook stated that at the last Upper County Traffic Task Force <br />meeting it was discussed about the impacts the 1-90 closures and <br />slowdowns not only impact county roads and the City of Cle Elum but <br />Easton is seeing impacts as well. Mark Cook continued that the Task <br />Force voted to add a member to the Task Force to represent Easton. <br />Mark Cook added that he is asking for direction from the Board on <br />County Commissioners on how to proceed. Discussion was held. Staff <br />was directed to have the Upper County Traffic Task Force discuss <br />candidates and appoint the Easton representative at the next meeting. <br />BOWERS FIELD MOWING CONTRACT <br />Mark Cook stated that in 2016 staff advertised a solicitation for <br />mowing services in the industrial area at Bowers Field. Mark Cook <br />continued that the contract expired at the end of December and he is <br />looking for direction on if the BOCC wants him to go out for another <br />contract or wait for the pending action of hiring an Airport Manager - <br />2019 -02-11 MINUTES <br />