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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Interlocal Cooperation Agreement <br />Voluntary Stewardship Program Page 4 of 8 <br /> <br />5. DURATION OF AGREEMENT – TERMINATION. This Agreement shall <br />remain in force until cancelled by either party in writing. The District reserves <br />the right to cancel this Agreement in the event of the County’s nonpayment of <br />reimbursable costs billed by the District to the County, upon thirty (30) days <br />written notice by the District to the County, sent certified mail, return receipt <br />requested. <br /> <br />6. RELATIONSHIP OF THE PARTIES. No agent, employee or representative of <br />the County shall be deemed to be an agent, employee or representative of the <br />District for any purpose, and the employees of the County are not entitled to any <br />of the benefits the District provides to District employees. No agent, employee or <br />representative of the District shall be deemed to be an agent, employee or <br />representative of the County for any purpose, and the employees of the District <br />are not entitled to any of the benefits the County provides to County employees. <br /> <br />7. NON-DELEGATION / NON-ASSIGNMENT. Neither party may delegate the <br />performance of its contractual obligation hereunder to a third party, unless <br />mutually agreed in writing. Neither party may assign this Agreement without the <br />written consent of the other party. <br /> <br />8. COMPLIANCE WITH LEGAL REQUIREMENTS. Each party shall comply <br />with all federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations and ordinances applicable <br />to the performance of this Agreement, including without limitation, all those <br />pertaining to wages and hours, confidentiality, disabilities, and discrimination. <br /> <br />9. HOLD HARMLESS. Each party shall be liable and responsible for the <br />consequences of any negligent or wrongful act or failure to act on the part of itself <br />and its employees. Neither party assumes responsibility to the other party for the <br />consequences of any act or admission of any person, firm or corporation not a <br />party to this agreement. <br /> <br />10. INDEMNIFICATION. The County and the District shall defend, indemnify and <br />hold each other harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, losses <br />and liabilities to or by third parties arising from, resulting from, or connected <br />with, services performed or to be performed under this contract to the fullest <br />extent permitted by law whether arising from contract liability(ies) or otherwise. <br /> <br />This mutual duty to indemnify shall not apply to liability from damages arising <br />out of bodily injury to persons or damages to the property caused by, or resulting <br />from, the sole negligence of the either the County or the District, or their <br />respective officers, agents, and employees. <br /> <br />This mutual duty to indemnify for liability for damages arising out of bodily <br />injury to persons or damages to property caused by or resulting from the