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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Interlocal Cooperation Agreement <br />Voluntary Stewardship Program Page 3 of 8 <br /> <br />Lindsey Ozbolt, Planning Official <br />Kittitas County Community Development Services <br />411 N Ruby Ste 2 <br />Ellensburg WA 98926 <br />Phone: (509) 962-7506 <br />Fax: (509) 962-7682 <br /> <br />3. SCOPE. This agreement contemplates that the District will: <br />a. Contract with Kittitas County for Washington State Conservation Commission <br />funding in an amount not to exceed $218,000 in the 2018-2019 biennium <br />(Attachment A); <br />i. Submit monthly reimbursement request to Kittitas County before the <br />10th day of the month <br />ii. Submit quarterly progress reports to the Washington State <br />Conservation Commission and the County; <br />iii. Provide to the County, by February 25, 2019, so the County can report <br />to the Commission’s VSP Contract Manager, no later than March 1, <br />2019, an estimate of the final anticipated costs associated with the <br />completion of this agreement through June 30, 2019. <br />b. Lead and facilitate the Watershed Group for the Upper Yakima watershed and <br />the Alkali-Squilchuck watershed; <br />i. Develop Work Plan and watershed group duties consistent with RCW <br />36.70A.720. <br />ii. Submit the Work Plan for the Upper Yakima watershed and the <br />Alkali-Squilchuck watershed for technical review and approval per <br />RCW 36.70A.725 before August 2018. <br />c. After approval of the Work Plan by the Washington State Conservation <br />Commission, continue to facilitate the Watershed Group and provide technical <br />assistance as needed to begin implementation of the Work Plan. <br /> <br />4. COMPENSATION BY THE COUNTY TO THE DISTRICT <br /> <br />a. The County will reimburse the District for costs associated with implementing <br />the Voluntary Stewardship Program not to exceed the state funding. <br /> <br />b. Allowable costs are detailed in Attachment A, including the actual costs for <br />fiscal year 2018 and the budget for fiscal year 2019. <br /> <br />c. Payment by the County to the District shall be made within thirty (30) days <br />after billing by the District. <br /> <br />d. The District will not commence work until the County has received <br />authorization to incur costs from the Commission. <br />