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Northern Kittitas County Tribune newspapers, two weeks <br />in advance to inform the public. <br /> <br />The Kittitas County Fire Marshal’s Office stated the <br />following: Upon review of the above permit application, I <br />have the following comments/requirements: <br /> <br /> A Fire Marshal “Special Events/Assembly” permit must be <br />submitted to Community Development Services prior to the <br />event – this application was not present in the County <br />Board of Commissioners Event Application packet. <br /> <br /> Contact with the Fire Marshal’s Office must be made prior <br />to the event to schedule an on-site inspection to include, but <br />not limited to vendor booths, assembly areas, egress, fire <br />lanes, etc. This can be scheduled during or after setup of <br />the event as to not delay the start of the event. <br /> <br /> If a burn-ban is in effect for the zone (Zone 3) at the time of <br />the event, an additional permit may be needed to allow fire <br />in approved fire rings – contact the Fire Marshal’s office <br />48-72 hours prior to the event to confirm burn ban and to <br />determine if a permit will be required. <br /> <br /> All vendor booths must have a current fire extinguisher in a <br />conspicuous location. The extinguishers shall be an ABC <br />extinguisher, minimum rating 2A/10:BC (Minimum 5lbs). <br />All extinguishers must have a current inspection tag within <br />the past 360 days by a third party vendor. Any cooking <br />operations involving fryers or grease must have a Class <br />K extinguisher in close proximity to the cooking station. <br /> <br /> Daisy-Chained extension cords and daisy-chained power <br />strips are not permitted. <br /> <br /> Phoenix Security or a member of the event staff must be <br />tasked with monitoring fire lanes and egress routes to keep <br />clear of vehicles and obstructions. <br /> <br /> Power generators must be placed so that exhaust is not <br />directed toward vendor or assembly areas. Generators must <br />be equipped with listed spark arrestors. <br /> <br />The applicant is requesting a waiver to the following: <br />