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'i) .... ,., .... <br />Ntial.borlrood ~~ E A L T H <br />Yakima Neighborhood Health Services <br />t2 South SIb St, PO Box 2605 <br />Yakima WA 98907-2605 <br />Phone (509) 454-4143 Fax (509) 454-3651 <br /> <br />2017-2018 <br />Navigator Program Services <br />SUB-CONTRACT BETWEEN <br />YAKIMA NEIGHBORHOOD HEALTH SERVICES <br />AND <br />Kittitas County Public Health Department <br />Contract Terms and Conditions <br />Based on <br />HBE -349 Navigator Program Services <br />Lead Organizations and Statewide Navigator Organizations <br />Navigator Program Services for the <br />Washington Health Benefit Exchange <br />August 2017 -June 2018 <br />All terms and conditions of HBE 349 apply, along with the terms set <br />forth as follows by the Health Benefit Exchange: <br />The purpose of this sub-contract as follows: <br />A.Term: <br />This sub-contract extends the terms of the contract between YNHS and the Health <br />Benefit Exchange to the Sub-Contractor. The period of performance shall continue through <br />June 3D, 2018. <br />B. Contract Section 3 -Pricing: <br />The maximum not-to-exceed compensation, which includes any allowable expenses, payable to Sub- <br />Contractor for satisfactory performance of the work under this contract shall not exceed $27,834 <br />inclusive of the 2017 base payment and potential outcome-based incentive. The payment schedule is set <br />forth as follows: <br />• $2150.81 monthly August -June 2018 to support Navigator activities for eleven months (base <br />payment). <br />.,"i { •• <br />~ l:';~ <br />Accredited by the Joint Commission Patient Centered Medical Home Level 3