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Yakima Neighborhood Health Services <br />12 South 8'h St, PO Box 2605 <br />Yakima WA 98907·2605 <br />Phone (509) 454-4143 Fax (509) 454·3651 <br /> <br />• $4,175 -one-time incentive payment for meeting QHP enrollment target of 369.. The incentive <br />will be paid by HBE to YNHS (and YNHS to the sub-contractor) for the proportion of the <br />amended enrollment target met for new and renewed plans selected through the end of the OE-5 <br />Open Enrollment period as validated by the Washington Healthplanfmder system data. <br />Total Base Payment = <br />Total Potential Incentive Payment <br />Maximum Nine Month Contract Award <br />C. Contractor Payment: <br />$23,659 <br />$ 4,175 <br />$ 27,834 <br />• Sub-Contractors will receive a one-time enrollment outcome payment after the 2018 open <br />enrollment period concludes. The payment will be generated upon validation through the <br />Washington Healthplanfmder system of the QHP new and QHP renewed plans selected by <br />service area navigators during the open enrollment period. The payment will be based on the <br />proportion, up to but not exceeding 100%, of the QHP plan selection contract goal met at the <br />conclusion of the open enrollment period. <br />• Should sub-contractor enroll or re-enroll fewer than 325 QHP members (as identified by the HBE <br />data system), sub-contractor's outcome-based enrollment payment will be pro-rated to that same <br />percentage of the one-time incentive payment. <br />D. Reporting: <br />Sub-contractor agrees to continue reporting monthly outreach activities to contractor, using the format <br />provided by HBE and/or contractor, to include: Highlights of community outreach events or key <br />activities during the previous month: Outreach events conducted in report month, city/county, target <br />population; Key accomplishments; BarrierslIssues experienced during outreach effort <br />Reports are due by the 5 th of the following month. <br />The parties hereto, having read this Sub-Contract Amendment in its entirety, do agree to the terms of the <br />amendment <br />Approved (Contractor) <br />Yakima Neighborhood Health Services <br />~~ <br />Signature <br />Print name and title <br />.t' .. <br />. ~. ~.;J) <br />Accredited by the Joint Commission <br />R~rJn lt~Q) t AQ01 I~ 1 ~h121b)l <br />Print name and title <br />D .. " __ .... ~·{ <br />Patient Centered Medical Home Level 3