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KlTTITASCOUNTY <br />DEPARTMENTOF PUBLIC WORKS <br />AGENDA STAFF REPORT <br />AGENDA DATE:February 23,2013 <br />ACTION REQUESTED:Approve &sign an Assignmentof Lease from <br />Tom Crawford to Ritch J Brownlee. <br />BACKGROUND:On January 10,2013,Kittitas County received <br />a letter from Tom Crawford stating that he is <br />selling his private hangar located at Bowers <br />Field to Ritch J Brownlee.The letter also <br />requested that the remainder of his lease term <br />be assigned to Ritch J Brownlee. <br />The letter on February 23,2012 was also <br />signed by Ritch J Brownlee stating he is <br />purchasing Tom Crawford's hangar and <br />requested the County assign Mr.Crawford's <br />lease remainder to him. <br />INTERACTION:Public Works;Tom Crawford;Ritch Brownlee <br />RECOMMENDAT10N:Motion to Approve and Sign the Assignmentof <br />Lease from Tom Crawford to Ritch J Brownlee. <br />HANDLING:Return 2 originals to Public Works <br />ATTACHMENTS:Lease Assignment;Letters of Request;Original <br />Crawford Lease <br />LEAD STAFF:Kelly Carlson <br />Airport Manager