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BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />COUNTY OF KITTITAS <br />STATE OF WASHINGTON <br />RESOLUTION <br />No.2021- c+g <br />RESOLUTION AWARDING FUNDING FOR GRANTS PURSUA}{T TO LAW AIID JUSTICE <br />COUNCIL RECOMMENDATIONS ON SPENDING OF l/lOTH OF IOTO SALES TAX RESERVES <br />WHEREAS: The Kittitas County Law and Justice Council has voted unanimously to approve the below <br />described funding recommendations; and <br />WHEREAS: These expenditures shall be made from the l/10th of 1olo sales tax reserve account established <br />by the Board of County Commissioners for spending on special projects to foster cooperation, sharing of <br />resources and enhancement of criminal justice projects within Kittitas County; and <br />WHEREAS: Funding is to be made available upon approval of this resolution; and <br />WHEREAS: The amount available for 2021 grants is approximately $75,000.00 after the first of awards <br />for 2021; and <br />WHEREAS: Estimated balance in the grant funds is approximately $75,000.00 after 202 Grant obligations <br />and maintaining $100,000.00 in reserve for the Range Project, and <br />WHEREAS: The grants described below are recommended for approval. <br />NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the Kittitas County Board of Commissioners hereby <br />adopts the following funding recommendations as made by the Kittitas County Law and Justice Council and <br />these expenditures shall be made from the 1/1Oft of lYo sales tax reserve account. <br />2t-6 <br />Juvenile Court Services <br />Prox locks on Courtroom/Juvenile <br />Court Services joint door <br />$2,356.94 <br />2t-7 <br />Cle Elum Police Department <br />Advanced Scenario Munitions Training <br />(car seats, helmets, training) <br />$2,000.00 <br />2t-8 <br />Kittitas Co. Sheriff <br />Law Enforcement Training & Preparedness $7,995.38 <br />2t-9 <br />Kittitas County Sheriff Corrections <br />Safety Restraint $1,579.72