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Kittitas Counfy, Washington <br />BOARD or COLINTY COMMISSIONERS <br />EVENT APPLICATION <br />Thank you for your interest in holding a special event in Kittitas Coun$r. Please <br />cornplete and return this application along with any other materials to the Kittitas <br />County Board of Commissioners at least 60 days prior to the day upon the event is <br />scheduled. Any rnisrepresentation in the application materials or deviation from the <br />final agreed upon route andf ot method of operation described may result in the <br />imrnediate revocation of an issued perrnit. Specifics outlining Event Permits can be <br />viewed at h www <br />Event Information <br />Name of even r' Grqn Fnndn llenshr rrn <br />Date(s)ofevent 6-19-21 <br />Hours of operation: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm <br />Description of the event: 90 mile bicvcle ride <br />Has this event taken place before? <br />Estimated attendance: 140 <br />"/" No Dates: 6118/19 <br />How is your event being publicized?www. <br />Please attach any flyers, postets, etc. with qoar application subtnissiotr. <br />Contact Information, <br />Name of the organizerfcontactperson: Jok€ M?edk€ ; ,'"'"n::ri;1,;;'. <br />Address: 139 E SW Ephrata. WA 98823 <br />'ilAY rl 1 ?fi'll <br />Email address:bi <br />Phone number(s): (509) 75A-0977 <br />Date of birth of applicant:1A-14-77 <br />KrrflrAs couNt-y col;R rr{lusE 205 wnsr 5s . slJlrF 108 EI-LENSBURG, wA 98926 <br />is09) 962-750t1 FAX (509) 962-7679 <br />