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06/01/2021 MINUTES 1 <br />COMMISSIONERS' MINUTES KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON WEBEX SPECIAL MEETING <br /> TUESDAY 2:00 P.M. JUNE 1, 2021 <br />Board members present via Webex: Chairman Brett Wachsmith; Vice- <br />Chairman Laura Osiadacz; and Commissioner Cory Wright. <br /> <br />Others via Webex: Julie Kjorsvik, Clerk of the Board; Mark Cook, <br />Public Works Director; Taylor Crouch, Administrative Assistant; and <br />Arden Thomas, WRP Manager and 1 member of the public. <br /> <br />This meeting was provided to the public via Webex and they were <br />previously notified on the Agenda as to where they could access and <br />provide public comments. <br /> PUBLIC HEARING THE RANCH ON SWAUK CREEK PUBLIC WORKS <br />At 2:00 p.m. CHAIRMAN WACHSMITH opened a Public Hearing to consider <br />an Irrigation Franchise with The Ranch on Swauk Creek on Burke and <br />Ranch Road(s). <br /> MARK COOK, PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR reviewed a Staff Report and said <br />The Ranch on Swauk Creek applied for an Irrigation Franchise along <br />Burke Road and Ranch Road to improve irrigation delivery in the <br />area. He said they have partnered with the Kittitas County <br />Conservation District and Staff has reviewed the engineer plans. <br />Following approval, a work in the right-of-way permit will be <br />required for the proposed work. <br /> THERE BEING NO ONE REQUESTING TO TESTIFY, THE PUBLIC PORTION OF THE HEARING WAS CLOSED. AGREEMENT IRRIGATION FRANCHISE-RANCH ON SWAUK CREEK PUBLIC WORKS VICE-CHAIRMAN OSIADACZ moved to approve a Non-Exclusive Irrigation <br />Water Franchise to Use County Roads, Rights-of-Way and Other County <br />Property within Kittitas County, between The Ranch on Swauk Creek, <br />LLC and Kittitas County. COMMISSIONER WRIGHT seconded. Motion <br />carried 3-0. <br /> PUBLIC HEARING PURCHASE OF REAL PROPERTY PUBLIC WORKS <br /> ARDEN THOMAS, WRP MANAGER reviewed a Staff Report and explained how <br />Kittitas County entered into an agreement with the Trust for Public <br />Land for the purchase of real property (land and water rights). The <br />acquisition would secure approximately 226.11 acres of land and two <br />associated senior water rights. He said in addition Kittitas County