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<br />2021-05-24 Minutes 1 Information Technology <br />Commissioners’ Minutes <br />Kittitas County, Washington <br />Commissioners’ Conference Room <br />Regular Meeting <br /> <br />Monday 11:00 AM May 24, 2021 <br /> <br />Board members present: Chair Brett Wachsmith, Vice-Chair Laura Osiadacz, Commissioner Cory Wright <br /> <br />Others: IT Director Jim Goeben <br /> <br />Regular Meeting Information Technology <br />Meeting called to order at 11:04 AM. <br /> <br />Franchise Agreement Review <br />Mr. Goeben stated until the most recent agreement, a capacity for County use has been included in all <br />telecommunications franchise agreements of which he has been included. Commission Wright said he <br />requested a legal review of state and federal laws regarding franchise agreements and public benefit. <br />Commissioner Wachsmith asked Mr. Goeben to ask for legal review of including a franchise agreement <br />review process as part of county code. <br /> <br />Approve IT Service Level Agreements <br />The agreements consideration was postponed providing the Board more time to review the documents. <br /> <br />Lean Introduction for Management Team <br />There was discussion about the venue for a Lean introduction presentation by the State Auditor’s office <br />and the Board decided to provide time in the County’s July 22 budget retreat. <br /> <br />Other Business <br />Mr. Goeben informed the board the County’s Budget & Finance Manager plans to move CRIS funding <br />from department 60 into departments’ budget to provide visibility to the departments. <br /> <br />Meeting adjourned at 11:26 AM. <br /> Kittitas County Commissioners <br />Information Technology Director Kittitas County, Washington <br /> <br /> <br /> _______________________________________ _______________________________________ <br />Jim Goeben, IT Director Brett Wachsmith, Chair