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COUNTY PROGRAM AGREEMENT <br />i-ACT Program Development <br />DCYF Agreement Number <br />2063-97267 <br />mra reeme nt s na befiryedProgAg n eth tateSby h n gton <br />tnDe cof ildreh Y uthopartme Fa&m sen,CYF an thed Cou d entified(D )nty <br />be dan Ils ss ue d con u ctin olow,n awith Counj dan DCYF eem OnntntyAgre <br />eneG ra rmTe aS Connd d wh c ishtions,te d refe re cn <br />Department of Children, Youth,Children, Youth and Families 1225 <br />STRATION DCYF INDEX <br />and Families <br />Administration or Division <br />Agreement Number <br />County Agreement Number <br />DCYF CONTRACT CODE <br />2000cc-63 <br />TELEPHO <br />8-6803 Rachel.Denn wa <br />E.MAIL <br />ot ia wA 98504 <br />CONTACT <br />1 1 15 Washington St SE <br />DCYF ADDRESS <br />*litk hsl* i* *lrt*:r"t*xl. <br />DCY FAX <br />Rachel Denney <br />Contract Manager <br />COUNTY NAME <br />Kttitas County Juven ile Court Services Department <br />205 West Sth Ave Suite 21'l <br />Ellensb wA 98926 <br />NAME <br />Katrina Mankus <br />ADDRESS <br />EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION <br />NUMBER <br />1 <br />COUNTY FEDERAL <br />"0-/3 <br />TELEP <br />509 962-7516 ,-katrina.mankus <br />COUNTY CONTACT E.MAIL <br />IS THE COUNTY A SUBRECIPIENT FOR PURPOSES OF <br />AGREEMENT? <br />No <br />THIS PROGRAM CFDA NUMBERS <br />PROGRAM AGREEMENT START DATE <br />07t01t2020 <br />PROGRAM AGREEME NT END DATE <br />06t30t2021 <br />MAXIMUM PROGRAM AGREE MENT AMOUNT <br />$14,476.00 <br />Exhibits (specify): Exhibit A-Data Security Requirements; Exhibit B€tatement of Work <br />No Exhibits. <br />HEX B theWhen belowbox withmarked Xafi eth hibitsEx are atta ached arend ncoig thisntorporated <br />Pro mCo enreem t cereferenuntygraAgby <br />bj nrng <br />This <br />hT termse dan conditions cthisof areontract na n nda ntation rhof e ntiree dan exclusiveintegratioreprese <br />und thebetween rtie S edin danerstandingpa a vious reemsuperss ents tiwn n dn commsmergrnpreag nicati oralgsons, <br />otherwisor rd SUthe matteect of thisregae,Contract.heT a rtiestng OWbel ent ththatp have drea dansigrepresey <br />deun rstand this ntraCo an hd thave ect,exeto thcute is Contra ct c ntrao shalct beauthority dinbin on onDCYFg vDCYFon <br />/l <br />PRINTED NAIME(S) AND TITLE(S) <br />)tz s. d" ^S Jir* Jq n-- <br />! e oU }." Sp-'-b r <br />DATE(S) SIGNED <br />17-''(' "?"' <br />n-*")E *o'f3Rdghbl DenneY <br />tl1g:ly:r',F*il*Yi[?li[,n, <br />PRINTED DATE <br />3d <br />Department of Children, Youth & Families <br />2017CF County Program Agreement 6-24-20 Page 1