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AGREEMENT <br />UPPER KITTITAS COLINTY SENIOR CENTER <br />PUTNAM CENTENNIAL CENTER <br />THIS AGREEMENT, dated this 15th day of December 2020, is made by and between KITTITAS <br />COLINTY, a political subdivision of the State of Washington, hereinafter referred to as the "County" and <br />the UPPER KITTITAS COUNTY SENIOR CENTER (Putnam Centennial Center), a non-profit <br />organization under the laws of the State of Washington, hereinafter referred to as the "Center." <br />L PURPOSE. The purpose of this Agreement is to provide public services which willbenefit senior <br />citizens and others in Upper Kittitas County. <br />a. The County enters into this Contract pursuant to the authority granted in RCW 36.01 .010 and <br />RCW 36.39.060, and agrees to pay the Center a sum of Nineteen Thousand Nine Hundred <br />dollars ($19,900.00) payable in equal monthly installments of lll2th of the total sum in return <br />for the Center's services set out below. <br />b. In return, the Center will provide public services benefiting senior citizens and others in the <br />communities of Upper Kittitas County as set forth herein and consistent with the by-laws of the <br />Center, which states as follows; <br />"The purpose of the Center shall be the operation to provide a <br />network of services, including health, social, recreation, educational <br />programs and transportation for all members regardless of race, <br />color, creed, sex or national origin. They shall also, upon approval of <br />the Board of Directors, allow the Center to be used for community <br />activities." <br />2. SERVICES PROVID BY THE CENTER.Areas of service to be provided <br />by the Center, but not limited to, are the following; <br />a. Provision of a meeting space for AARP, County meetings and other public meetings which <br />affect senior citizens. <br />b. Serving as an Upper Kittitas County Emergency Shelter (as designated by Kittitas County Board <br />of Commissioners - Resolution 2007-01). <br />c. Provision of personal enrichment, fellowship and other activities for seniors. <br />d. Provision of a meeting place for senior networking lunches for social service agents working <br />with seniors in Upper Kittitas County. <br />e. Provision of a work space for social service agencies serving seniors when such agencies <br />operate in Upper Kittitas County. <br />f. Provision of drop-in activities for seniors. <br />g. Provisions for informational brochures, flyers and pamphlets about services to be made <br />available in the Center's magazine rack and on its bulletin board. <br />IUpper Kittitas County Senior Center Agreement