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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />CONTRACT AMENDMENT <br />THIS AMENDMENT TO CONTRACT is made and dated this _15th_day of <br />December,2020, by and between KITTITAS COUNTY, a municipal corporation in <br />the State of Washington, hereinafter referred to as the County, and The Kittitas <br />county chamber of commerce, hereinafter referred to as the chamber. <br />WITNESSETH: <br />WHEREAS, the County and the Chamber entered into a contract related to <br />the corona virus-related financial aid to affected businesses on July 2L,2O2O; and <br />WHEREAS, CARES Act funding has become available to assist non-profit <br />organizations, Chamber Cares Grants and Kittitas County Strong Round 2 Grant <br />program affected by the restrictions from the Governor's proclamation of <br />November 15,2020 as well; and <br />WHEREAS, the parties desire to amend the contract to allow for the <br />provision of financial aid to non-profit organizations, Chamber Cares Grants and <br />Kittitas County Strong Round 2 Grant program affected by the restrictions from <br />the Governor's proclamation of November 15,2O2O as well. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, lT lS HEREBY AGREED by and between the parties to a <br />change in contract terms as follows: <br />New sections are hereby added to the contract as follows: <br />2.1.02. The County agrees to provide the sum of S SZOO,000 to the <br />chamber from the county's CARES Act allotment to be used as follows:o to assist non-profit organizations affected by the coronavirus public health <br />emergency from March t,2O2O through November 30,2020,r to assist in the Chamber Cares Grants to businesses affected by the <br />coronavirus public health emergency from March l through November 30, <br />2020,