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Resolution Changing Authorized Cash Balances <br /> <br /> <br /> 3 <br />Kittitas County <br />Board of County Commissioners <br /> <br />Agenda Staff Report <br /> <br /> <br />Agenda Date: December 15, 2020 <br /> <br />Action Requested: Request the Board to sign the Resolution changing Authorized Cash Balances for <br /> Petty Cash, Revolving Funds, Till Accounts, Funds on Deposit, etc. for 2020 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Background: <br /> <br />This resolution authorizes the establishment of accounts to be maintained by departments for <br />operations, in the form of till accounts, petty cash and revolving funds. This resolution changes the following <br /> <br />Department Explanation Adjustment amount <br />Starting Balance Resolution 2020-087 $24,205 <br />County Auditor Recording Creating three $25.00 tills 75 <br /> Total $24,280 <br /> <br />Recommendation: <br /> <br />Have the Board sign the Resolution changing the total authorized cash accounts. <br /> <br />Interaction: <br />Sue Higginbotham <br /> <br />Handling: <br /> <br />Original to Judy Pless <br /> <br />Attachments: <br /> <br />Resolution changing petty cash accounts <br /> <br />Lead Staff <br /> <br />Judy Pless, Budget & Finance Manager <br />Kittitas County Auditor’s Office