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INTERLOCAL COOPERATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN <br />KITTITAS COUNTY, CITY OF ELLENSBURG, CITY OF CLE ELUM, CITY OF <br />ROSLYN, CITY OF KITTITAS, AND TOWN OF SOUTH CLE ELUM, OF <br />WASHINGTON STATE AND THE KITTITAS COUNTY EMS & TRAUMA <br />CARE COUNCIL PROVIDING FOR THE COORDINATION OF EMERGENCY <br />MEDICAL SERVICES <br />Whereas, the Interlocal Cooperation Act, RCW 39.34, allows municipal <br />corporation to make the most efficient use of their powers by enabling them to cooperate <br />with each other on the basis of mutual advantage to provide services and facilities that will <br />best fit the needs of each community; and <br />Whereas, the County of Kittitas and the Cities of Ellensburg, Cle Elum, Roslyn, <br />Kittitas, and the Town of S. Cle Elum are desirous of providing for the coordination of <br />their emergency medical services personnel's training, certification, and physician medical <br />control, through a shared Administrative/Education Coordinator (Coordinator) employed <br />by one of the jurisdictions (hereinafter "Contracting Jurisdiction"); <br />Now, therefore, it is agreed in accord with the provisions of RCW 39.34.030 as <br />follows: <br />I. Purpose <br />It is the purpose of this agreement to establish the framework and means for the shared <br />support services of the Coordinator (see attachment, `B") to assure training, certification <br />and physician medical control of emergency medical services personnel of the six <br />jurisdictions and to continue to improve upon services presently provided by the Kittitas <br />County Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care (EMS/TC) Council with funds <br />from a "Washington State Department of Health" training grant. This agreement <br />supersedes any prior agreement, all or any amendments thereof, and all or any <br />modifications or changes to any agreement that may conflict with this agreement. <br />H. Kittitas County Conference of Governments (KCCOG) <br />KCCOG will be responsible for jointly reviewing amendments to the Interlocal <br />Cooperation Agreement and the annual budgets in the Kittitas County EMS Division five- <br />year forecasted budget plan (see attachment "A") recommended by the EMS/TC Council. <br />The Coordinator shall serve as an operational representative to the KCCOG on behalf of <br />the EMS/TC Council in a non-voting capacity. <br />III. Membership <br />A. Participating Jurisdictions <br />