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Mandy Buchholz <br />From: <br />Sent: <br />To: <br />Subject: <br />HAHC member request, does she need to provide anything else? - Taylor <br />From: Amy Mayo <> <br />Sent: Thursday, November 5,2O2O 3:45 PM <br />To: Taylor Crouch <taylor.crouch> <br />Subject: Reappointment consideration <br />November 5,2O2O <br />Dear Board of County Commissioners, <br />I am writing to ask your consideration in my reappointment to the Homelessness and Affordable Housing Committee for <br />Kittitas County. My term will expire on December 31st, 2020. <br />As you may be aware, I filled a vacancy for this position and have not served the full two years. I would be grateful for <br />the opportunity to continue to serve Kittitas County and advocate for those who strive to leave homelessness behind <br />them for a better life. <br />Thank you for your consideration <br />Respectfully, <br />Amy M. Mayo <br />Sent from Yahoo Mailfor iPhone <br />The information transmitted by this email is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed. This email may contain confidential and/or privileged <br />material. lf you are not the intended recipient of this message, be aware that any use, review, retransmission, distribution, or reproduction is strictly prohibited. lf <br />you received this in error, please contactthe sender immediately and delete the material from all devices. <br />message id: 38eb4591 6c6dcbdac24bb871 9d004a1 4 <br />Taylor Crouch <br />Thursday, November 5,2020 3:46 PM <br />Mandy Buchholz <br />FW: Reappointment consideration <br />1