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#4\ds$q <br />{?5 I F'a irrrier,r' Rcrad, F)ilensburg WA qS r}: 6 <br />za6-zr6*49o4 celi I Sr:g-*6*-1915 wr:rk <br />jr&*ts-dc)sb:roe]ru.edg <br />Joy Stochnsky <br />October 3.4.202A <br />Dear Board of County Commissioners, <br />I have received notice of my upcoming term mernbership expiration of Decernber 31, <br />?020, regarcling my role with the Behavioral Health & Recovery Advisory Board {BHRAB} <br />I am responding to request that I be cunsidered for reappointment to the SHRAB for an <br />additionalterrn. <br />lf the re are any questions, concerns, or additional factors I can acjrJress t# assist with <br />this determination regarding my reappointment, please crJntact me via ernail at <br /> and i will be happy to respond to affirm my interest in <br />continuing my role with the BHRAB. <br />Warm regards, <br />Joy Stochosky