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- <br />DCYF Agreement Number <br />COUNTY PROGRAM AGREEMENT <br />t <br />2063-97267 <br />� IN54 <br />i -ACT Program Development <br />This Program Agreement is by and between the State of Washington <br />Administration or Division <br />Department of Children, Youth & Families (DCYF) and the County identified <br />Agreement Number <br />below, and is issued in conjunction with a County and DCYF Agreement On <br />General Terms and Conditions, which is incorporated by reference. <br />County Agreement Number <br />DCYF ADMINISTRATION <br />DCYF DIVISION <br />DCYF INDEX NUMBER <br />DCYF CONTRACT CODE <br />Department of Children, Youth, <br />Children, Youth and Families <br />1225 <br />2000CC-63 <br />and Families <br />DCYF CONTACT NAME AND TITLE <br />DCYF CONTACT ADDRESS <br />Rachel Denney <br />1115 Washington St SE <br />Contract Manager <br />Olympia, WA 98504 <br />DCYF CONTACT TELEPHONE <br />DCYF CONTACT FAX <br />DCYF CONTACT E-MAIL <br />(360)688-6803 <br />Click hereto enter text. <br />Rachel. Den ne do .wa. pov <br />COUNTY NAME <br />COUNTY ADDRESS <br />Kittitas County <br />Juvenile Court Services Department <br />205 West 5th Ave Suite 211 <br />Ellensburg. WA 98926 <br />COUNTY FEDERAL EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION <br />COUNTY CONTACT NAME <br />NUMBER z j�z <br />Katrina Markus <br />COUNTY CONTACT TE LEPHONE <br />COUNTY CONTAC—FAXCOUNTY CONTACT E-MAIL <br />509 962-7516 <br />1 <br />IS THE COUNTY A SUBRECIPIENT FOR PURPOSES OF THIS PROGRAM <br />CFDA NUMBERS <br />AGREEMENT? <br />No <br />PROGRAM AGREEMENT START DATE <br />PROGRAM AGREEMENT END DATE <br />MAXIMUM PROGRAM AGREEMENTAMOUNT <br />07/01/2020 <br />06/30/2021 <br />$14,476.00 <br />EXHIBITS. When the box below is marked with an X, the following Exhibits are attached and are incorporated into this <br />County Program Agreement by reference: <br />® Exhibits (specify): Exhibit A -Data Security Requirements; Exhibit B -Statement of Work <br />❑ No Exhibits. <br />The terms and conditions of this Contract are an integration and representation of the final, entire and exclusive <br />understanding between the parties superseding and merging all previous agreements, writings, and communications, oral <br />or otherwise, regarding the subject matter of this Contract. The parties signing below represent that they have read and <br />understand this Contract, and have the authority to execute this Contract. This Contract shall be binding on DCYF only <br />upon sipgature bX DCYF. <br />COUN SIGN T (S) <br />PRINTED NAME(S) AND TITLE(S) <br />DATE(S)SIGNED <br />SLuN �-s�"-vis <br />DCYF SIGNATURE <br />PRINTED NAME AND TITLE <br />DATE SIGNED <br />Department of Children, Youth & Families <br />2017CF County Program Agreement 6-2420 Page 1 <br />