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11/30/2020 MINUTES 1 <br />COMMISSIONERS' MINUTES KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON WEBEX SPECIAL MEETING <br /> MONDAY 2:00 P.M. NOVEMBER 30, 2020 <br />Board members present via WebEx: Chairman Brett Wachsmith; Vice- <br />Chairman Laura Osiadacz; and Commissioner Cory Wright. <br /> <br />Others: Julie Kjorsvik, Clerk of the Board; Mandy Buchholz, Deputy <br />Clerk of the Board II; Taylor Crouch, Deputy Clerk of the Board I; <br />Judy Pless, Budget & Finance Manager; Arden Thomas, WRP Manager; <br />Liz Remeto, Finance Manager; Joshua Frederickson, Engineer; Mike <br />Hougardy, Assessor; Amy Cziske, Treasurer; Chris Horner, Deputy <br />Prosecutor; and Candie Leader, Administrative Supervisor. <br /> <br />This meeting was provided to the public via WebEx and they were <br />previously notified on the Agenda as to where they could access and <br />provide public comments. <br /> PUBLIC HEARING TAX LEVY RATES AUDITOR <br />At 2:00 p.m. CHAIRMAN WACHSMITH opened a Public Hearing continued <br />from October 5, 2020 to consider possible tax increases for the tax <br />levy rates and amount for the taxes levied in 2020 to be collected <br />in 2021 for the General Fund, County Road and the Flood Control <br />District. He noted the record was open. <br /> JUDY PLESS, BUDGET & FINANCE MANAGER provided various information <br />including property tax rates, levies and collections for the last <br />ten fiscal years; Principal Taxpayers; 2021 Preliminary County <br />Budget – Property Taxes by Fund; 2021 Preliminary County Budget – <br />General Tax Levy; 2021 Preliminary County Budget – General Fund 2021 <br />Proposed Revenues; 2021 Preliminary County Budget – General Fund <br />Taxes; 2021 Preliminary County Budget – County Road Revenues; 2021 <br />Preliminary County Budget – County Road Taxes; 2021 Preliminary <br />County Budget – Flood Control Revenues; 2021 Preliminary County <br />Budget – Flood Control Taxes; and the Assessor’s Certification of <br />Assessed Values to the Taxing Districts. JOSHUA FREDRICKSON, ENGINEER answered questions relating to the banked capacity over <br />multiple years, which has resulted in a backlog of County Road <br />projects. MS. PLESS noted the General Fund has done a Levy Shift <br />over the last several years as well. MIKE HOUGARDY, ASSESSOR <br />addressed questions from the Board and indicated the median value of <br />homes in Kittitas County is approximately $325,000.00. <br /> THERE BEING NO ONE REQUESTING TO TESTIFY, THE PUBLIC PORTION OF THE HEARING WAS CLOSED.