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12/01/2020 MINUTES 1 <br /> <br /> COMMISSIONERS' MINUTES KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON AGENDA SESSION REGULAR MEETING <br /> TUESDAY 10:00 A.M. DECEMBER 1, 2020 <br />Board members present via WebEx: Chairman Brett Wachsmith and Vice- <br />Chairman Laura Osiadacz. Excused: Commissioner Cory Wright. <br /> <br />Others via WebEx: Julie Kjorsvik, Clerk of the Board; Mandy Buchholz, <br />Deputy Clerk of the Board II; Taylor Crouch, Deputy Clerk of the Board <br />I; Mark Cook, Public Works Director; Arden Thomas, WRP Manager; Benjamin <br />West, Director of Airport Operations; Ken Grannan, Airport Coordinator; <br />Lisa Young, Human Resource Director; Darren Higashiyama, Chief Deputy; <br />Jerry Pettit, Auditor; Dan Carlson, CDS Director; Tristen Lamb, Public <br />Health Administrator; Chelsey Loeffers, Health Promotion Supervisor; <br />Patti Johnson, Solid Waste Director/Interim Maintenance Director/Project <br />Manager; and 1 member of the public. <br /> <br />Kittitas County is currently in Phase 3 and in person participation is <br />prohibited. The public was encouraged to join the meeting by joining a <br />WebEx event online. <br /> CALL TO ORDER <br /> <br />Chairman Wachsmith called the meeting to order. <br /> PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE <br />Chairman Wachsmith led the Pledge of Allegiance. <br /> INTRODUCTION OF NEW COUNTY EMPLOYEES – NONE PROCLAMATIONS – NONE AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS – NONE APPROVAL OF AGENDA <br />Commissioner Osiadacz moved to approve the Agenda, as presented. <br />Chairman Osiadacz seconded. Motion carried 2-0. CONSENT AGENDA <br />The Agenda Study Session had been cancelled for Monday November 30, <br />2020, and therefore the Board would be reviewing all items individually