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BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON <br />RESOLUTION No. 2O2O- 15 \ <br />To Declare Equipment Surplus to the County <br />WHEREAS, Chapter 36.34 RCW provides the procedures to sell or convey County equipment or property <br />that is no longer needed. <br />WHEREAS' RCW 36.34.010 authorizes the Board of County Commissioners to decide whether Counfy- <br />owned real or personal property is surplus to the needs of the County and whether disposal would be in the best <br />interests of the County and its people; <br />WHEREAS' Kittitas County Ordinance No 2009-04 states the County asset inventory policy that provides for <br />disposal ofCounty assets that are removed from service through surplus, interdepartmental transfer, loss or theft, trade- <br />in, destruction and breakage, scrap and abandonment, and intergovemmental sale and Kittitas County Ordinance No <br />2011-003 Disposition of Firearms; <br />WHEREAS, the Counfy has assets that are broken, junked, traded in or sold previously and need to be <br />removed from the Asset Tracking System; and <br />WHEREAS, after notice duly given pursuant to RCW 36.34.020 and RCW 36.34.030, a public hearing was held <br />for the purpose of declaring the afore-mentioned equipment surplus to the County's needs pursuant to RCW 36.34.040; <br />NOW' THERf,FORE BE IT RESOLVED: That it is in the best interests of the County and its people to <br />declare items shown on the attached list as: <br />l) Miscellaneous Items to be sold on <br />2) Items to be Removed as clean up to the inventory list <br />3) Four Mobile Homes and 900 N Alder House. <br />as surplus to the County's needs as allowed by Kittitas County Ordinance No 2009-04 and Ordinance No 2011-003 and <br />chapters 36.34 and 39.33 RCW and remove from the County's Assets. <br />DATED this l5th day of September 2020 <br />BOARD OF COUNTY ERS <br />ABSENT <br />-Po <br />EST: <br />OF CLERK OF THE BOARD <br />Page 000001