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This Agreement dated is made by and between Kittitas County (hereinafter,theCountf) and WSE (hereinafter "Contractof'). The County and Contractoragree asfollows: <br />General Conditions; Attachment A (Scope of Work); Attacfrment B (SpecialTerms and Conditions); Aftachmentb liroof of tnsuianey. <br />copies of whk'tr are attached hereto and incorporated henein by this reference as fully as ifset forth herein. <br />The term of this Agreement shall commenoe on July 1, lrl2} and mntinue untilJune 30, 2a21- Any party may terminate this Agreernent nv'giving thirtvlsoioryr'noticein writing eitrer persimaitv delivered or mailed postage-prepaid by ertified mail, retumreceipt requested, to the parly's last known address foiftd purposes of givhg notice underthis paragraph. <br />Contractor acknovvledges and by signing this Agreement agrees that thelndemnificaficn provisbns setlorth in earioqinr 7 AnJ"p*ndent conhador), 9 (raxes),15 (Defense and lndemnity Agreementl,'z2 tpatenvCopyright lnfringernent) and 25(confidentiality), are.jotally and-tutly part or nis ngr""ment and have 6uen mutuallynegotiated by the parties. <br />Profess ional Services Agreeme,nt <br />Page 1