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AMENDMENT NO.1 TO THE 2O2O LODGING TAX SERVICES AGREEMENT <br />BETWEEN KITTITAS COUNTY AND KITTITAS COUNTY GHAMBER OF <br />COMMERCE <br />LT .2O2O.O28.CHAMBER.CLE ELUM INDEPENDENCE. AMENDED EP <br />January lst,2020- December 31st, 2020 <br />The Agreement approved by the Board of County Commissioners on April 21st,2020 is <br />hereby amended due to the unexpected impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic that has <br />resulted in significant changes in the manner of operation for a large variety of events, <br />the Chamber of Commerce has been forced to reconfigure the planned event that <br />justified the application for Lodging Tax funds. The parties agreed to amend the initial <br />agreement as allowed by the language of Section 9, paragraph "b" to strike the original <br />plans and funding request, and substitute the plans and funding request attached to this <br />amendment as "Exhibit A' and incorporated to update section 2. Payment as follows. <br />Section 2. Pavment. <br />a. As full compensation for satisfactory performance of the Contractor's Services, <br />the County agrees to pay Contractor the sum of ten thousand dollars <br />($1O,OOO; (City of Cle Elum lodging tax funding). <br />b. Additional payment terms: The County will make payment to the Contractor <br />only on a reimbursement basis, as receipts/invoices for any items including <br />marketing and/or advertising are submitted to the County, not to exceed the <br />sum of ten thousand ($10,000) (City of Cle Elum lodging tax funding). <br />c. Services/Expenses that are reimbursed must be dated during the current year <br />and final date to submit reimbursements requests is January 15,2021 after this <br />date funds lapse. <br />d. Requests for reimbursements must be submitted to <br />Kittitas County Auditor <br />Attn: Auditor's Accounting <br />205 West 5th Ave - Suite 105 <br />Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br />Lodging Tax Services Agreement Amendment No.1 <br />Page 1