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7/1612020 CAMAS I Prosecutor I Update Request <br />Update Request: #491 56 | LTAC Emergency <br />Amend ments <br />With the addition of the emergency amendments, can the BOCC make the amendments or would <br />those amendments need to pass through the consolidated group first or could the BOCC override <br />that group and make the necessary changes? I added the chamber request along with their <br />contract. The LTAC County Committee approved this request. Thanks call my cell 253-797-0625 if <br />you need to talk! <br />Taylor Crouch, 5/21/2020 3:50:44 PM <br />Add to <br />problem/need: <br />Priority: 3' soon rz Remove due date? <br />Due date: 6t4l2O2O 0s v : 00 w CA.M.OP.M. <br />For: Taylor Crouch, 962-7571, CO <br />Email: <br />Also notify:(Start typing,then select the employee from the <br />list.) <br />La ura Osiadacz <br />Add files?Choose Files No file chosen <br />Please avoid using special characters, like & and #, in the file names <br />File(s) <br />attached: <br />Update SR Cancel SR <br />Request History <br />File Size Last saved <br />49156 - LTAC Emergency Amendments_Final.pd1 2kb 6/23/2020 4:40:40 PM <br />Awarded Funds Transfer Request- IDC.pdf 1s4 kb 5/21/2020 3:50:45 PM <br />LT-2020-28 Cha mbe r- Inde pende nce Day.pdf 1266 kb 5/2112020 3:50:45 PM <br /> uests/edit-rnyreq uest.aspfreq uest=41071 1t3