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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />EC STUDY SESSION MINUTES <br />COMMISSIONERS' AUDITORIUM, 205 WEST 5TH ROOM 109 - ELLENSBURG <br />Regular Meeting <br />WEDNESDAY 1 10:00 AM July 8, 2020 <br />Board members present: Chairman Brett Wachsmith (via Web Ex), Vice -Chairman Laura Osiadacz, <br />Commissioner Cory Wright (via Web Ex) <br />Others: Kady Porterfield (Event Center Director), Becky Sherley (Fair Board President) via Web Ex, <br />Julie Kjorsvik (Clerk of the Board) via Web Ex, Lacie Dawson (Event Center Program Manager) via Web <br />Ex. <br />1. Call to Order: Chairman Brett Wachsmith called the meeting to order at 10:00am to discuss Event <br />Center Business <br />2. COVID Fair Updates: Per Fair Board President Becky Sherley, there have been no big changes <br />since the last meeting. It looks like Fair will be taking place under phase 3. At the fair board meeting <br />on July 9, 2020, each director will be presenting options for their section on how to move forward. <br />The final decision will be made at the meeting on July 16, 2020. The fair board has been and will <br />continue to work with Dr. Larson to make the fair as safe as possible. The primary focus is to <br />produce the livestock show and auction for the kids that have financial investments in their animals. <br />There is also the possibility of having a fair food vendor area for the public to drive through. There is <br />still much to discuss, and the fair board is working to navigate the unique circumstances. <br />Chairman Wachsmith asked what the possible financial impact? Per Kady, approximately $500,000. <br />Commissioner Wright asked what was planned for the carnival, as well as building usage. Per Becky, <br />there really isn't a way to do a carnival in phase 3. The use of the other buildings (aside from barns <br />and arenas) is still being discussed. They are still looking at having items such as canning being <br />judged, which would require use of the yellow halls and the kitchen. <br />3. COVID Event and Rental Updates: Per Kady, the Event Center is beginning to host events again. <br />The local Roping and Barrel Racing clubs have both had events in the rodeo arena, with under 50 <br />people and lots of social distancing. The Buck Brannaman Clinic will be taking place this weekend in <br />the rodeo arena. There is also a wedding today as well as a couple more coming up. <br />The software rental system is progressing and we are participating in weekly training. Everything is <br />working well so far and they are customizing the system to our needs. Looking forward to its official <br />launch soon! <br />2020-07-08 MINUTES <br />