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06/05/2017 MINUTES 1 <br /> COMMISSIONERS' MINUTES <br />KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON <br />COMMISSIONERS CONFERENCE ROOM <br />REGULAR MEETING <br /> <br />MONDAY 9:40 A.M. JUNE 5, 2017 <br /> <br />Board members present: Chairman Paul Jewell; Vice-Chairman Laura <br />Osiadacz & Commissioner Obie O’Brien. <br /> <br />Others: Mandy Buchholz, Deputy Clerk of the Board II; Jill Scheffer, <br />KVEC Director. <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING DEPARTMENT HEAD EVENT CENTER <br /> <br />Jill Scheffer, Event Center Director informed the Board that one of <br />the two topics on her Agenda is no longer needed to discuss. She <br />indicated that she would only be briefing them on personnel changes <br />at the Event Center. She provided a power point on the Event Center <br />& their economy; economic impact’s; KVEC in the community; 2017 – <br />2018 revenue increasing initiatives; current maintenance-related <br />issues at the Event Center; analysis of Maintenance Staff working <br />hours; KVEC facility use changes; lost potential revenues; <br />improvements for the future; how they will get there (prioritizing <br />work efforts) and added value of additional Staff. She stated that <br />Richard (Dick) Mills is retiring and she has an employee she would <br />like to move into full-time and presented the financial impacts. She <br />stated she would like to work on bringing in 1 or 2 Elmview <br />employees to provide janitorial work at the KVEC. <br /> <br />The Board thanked Ms. Scheffer for the information and asked her to <br />place a follow up discussion on her Study Session next week to allow <br />them to process the information and possibly make a decision. <br /> <br />Meeting adjourned at 9:50 a.m. <br /> <br /> <br />KITTITAS COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />DEPUTY CLERK OF THE BOARD KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Mandy Buchholz Paul Jewell, Chairman <br />