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Law & Justice Study Session Minutes <br />January 6, 2010 <br />Commissioner's Auditorium <br />Meeting called to order at 8:05 am. <br />Present: <br />Commissioners Mark McClain, Alan Crankovich, Paul Jewell, Sheriff Dana, Undersheriff Myers, <br />Commander Hoctor, Lisa Young, and Michael Carpenter <br />Discussion: <br />Discussed spraying quarterly in the jail for pests. <br />Discussed going back to the soft ceiling tiles in the jail. Talked about expanding the kitchen and going <br />around the radio room which would also include a bigger walk-in. Nothing out for bid will have plans <br />back for bid in 2 weeks. <br />Discussed county car washing and finding ways to keep the cost down. <br />Discussed Inmate Death. Explained what happened and that EPD is the primary on the investigation. <br />Discussed the request from HR on keeping reports/files on inmates -that have occurred injuries in the <br />jail. The Sheriff's Office already keeps records and the questions came up why create two files when <br />some of the information may not make it to the HR file because of HIPPA laws or information that is for <br />law enforcement only. Lisa said she would call Risk Pool and find out if two files are needed. Sheriff <br />Dana can have it ran by legal if there were any questions. <br />Advised Commissioners about the medical contract that was coming up on the Monday morning <br />session. <br />Discussed having reserves and court house security supervise inmates to help with snow removal. <br />Public Works and the Sheriff's Department are working together on a plan for motor vehicle accident. <br />Working on setting up a reporting system. <br />Public works will make the decision to respond to the motor vehicle accident and if they take photos. <br />The photos will be for their use and not part of the investigation. <br />Meeting adjourned at 8:34 am. <br />Paula Hoctor Commander <br />Mark McClain Chairman <br />