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<br /> <br /> <br />COMMUNITY PLANNING BUILDING INSPECTION PLAN REVIEW ADMINISTRATION PERMIT SERVICES CODE ENFORCEMENT FIRE INVESTIGATION <br />KITTITAS COUNTY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SERVICES <br />411 N. Ruby St., Suite 2, Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br />CDS@CO.KITTITAS.WA.US <br />Office (509) 962-7506 <br />Fax (509) 962-7682 <br /> <br />“Building Partnerships – Building Communities” <br /> <br />CDS STUDY SESSION MINUTES <br />January 28, 2008 <br /> <br />THOSE PRESENT: Alan Crankovich, Mark McClain, David Bowen (BOCC) Brandon Drexler, Kelly <br />Carlson (DPW) Darryl Piercy, Allison Kimball, Mandy Weed, Joanna Valencia, <br />Michelle Gieger (CDS) Neil Caulkins (PROS) , Cathy Bambrick (HEALTH) <br /> <br />GUESTS PRESENT: Chad Bala, Noah Goodrich, Anne Watanabe, Jan Sharar, Catherine Dunn, <br />Nathan Weis, Frank Ragland <br /> <br />Comprehensive Plan Compliance <br />Piercy handed out a complete packet and materials for comprehensive plan compliance of the growth hearing <br />board for discussion. Piercy stated that an executive summary was in the binder given to the board members that <br />outlines the work program. There were significant changes in the maps to make the land use and zoning maps <br />consistent. Piercy stated that new terms have also been created within the land use designations. Piercy stated <br />that there is a meeting on February 4, 2008 at the Fairgrounds. <br /> <br />No action taken. <br /> <br />Land Use Advisory Committee <br />Piercy stated the Land Use Advisory Committee would like to meet with the board. Piercy stated their main goal <br />is to hit the nail on the head for compliance and they have put in a tremendous amount of work. Commission <br />Bowen commented that the board has stayed away to allow for the public participation. There has been a request <br />from the committee to get participation from other jurisdictions. The board stated that it is for citizens to provide <br />input and Commissioner Bowen stated it is still important to keep working on the agreement with the city. <br /> <br />No action taken. <br /> <br />Open Space Changes <br />Commissioner McClain stated they are receiving applications for open space and doing the data entry and then <br />routing them over to CDS. Piercy stated that CDS creates the staff reports and we are now processing them on a <br />quarterly basis rather than yearly. <br /> <br />No action taken <br /> <br />International Wildland-Urban Interface Code <br />Piercy stated that Brenda Larsen began creating the International Wildland-Urban Interface Code and really got <br />the program running. CDS has conducted over 20 site visits and we have 2 employees fully capable of <br />completing those inspections. Piercy stated that Michelle Geiger is here to give a power point presentation of <br />what we are doing and the process that then applicant goes through (see attached). Piercy stated that the new <br />permitting software will allow us to better track these applications. Piercy stated that CDS is working towards an <br />educational campaign. <br /> <br />No action taken <br /> <br />CDS Work Program 2008 <br />Piercy handed out packets of the work plan program. The first page is the 2007 work program, the second is a <br />reflection of how we have done and the third is the work plan we plan on for 2008. Most of the green items are <br />underway. Piercy stated he wanted to make sure that we had a compliant comp plan before finalizing the critical <br />area ordinance that is mandated and he wanted to include water outcomes within that plan. Piercy commented <br />that our critical area ordinance is actually a good basic core element. <br /> <br />No action taken