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�scnoes _. ro'n,E <br />o �♦t. COCLh9v <br />F <br />KITTI LAS COUNTY <br />KZTTZTAB COUNTY <br />DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />CDS STUDY SESSION MINUTES <br />January 11, 2010 <br />THOSE PRESENT: Alan Crankovich, Mark McClain, Paul Jewell (BOCC) Kirk <br />Holmes, Jan 011ivier, Maria Fischer (PW) Dan Valoff (CDS) <br />Marsha Weyand, Christy Garcia (Assessor) Brenda Larsen (Fire <br />Marshall) Anna Nelson, Katie Cote (GordonDerr) <br />GUESTS PRESENT: Diedra Petrina, Lindsey Ozbolt, Wayne Nelson <br />Fire Marshall 2009 <br />Annual Report: Brenda Larsen presented the 2009 annual report and <br />explained it to the Board: 48% of fire inspections were fire <br />and life safety related; Land use plan reviews accounted <br />for 50% of plan reviews; There were 4 arson fires which <br />raised the County average for arson fires to 16% as <br />opposed to the State average of 14%. The 2009 dollar loss <br />was exceptionally high. The report includes goals for 2010. <br />Board Direction: The Board will read the report. <br />Potential 2010 Code <br />Amendments: Discussion: Anna Nelson, consultant on behalf of CDS referred to her <br />memo sent out on January 8th which addressed changes in <br />practices to streamline those practices and identify <br />potential amendments. Anna explained the memo and <br />tables attached to the memo and noted that this work is <br />on-going now. For the next couple of months the lists will <br />be added to, and then the information will go out to <br />stakeholders, and then come back to the BOCC in April, <br />2010. Discussion followed. Anna explained what is meant <br />by "stakeholders". Kirk noted that feedback from the BOCC <br />will be taken anytime in this process. Anna added that Neil <br />Caulkins has this information also. Critical Areas <br />Ordinance and Shoreline Master Program also need <br />updating. Paul and Mark asked that Performance Based <br />Cluster Plats be addressed as soon as possible. Anna <br />responded that we have to wait and do this as part of the <br />annual update. Dan Valoff noted that the SEPA Ordinance <br />also needs to be updated. Jan added that the Road <br />Standards need to be updated and Christina Wollman's <br />efforts on this will be continued. Mark asked her to tweak <br />what is now in place. Kirk asked if the BOCC would like the <br />road standards amendment sooner. They responded <br />affirmatively, and Mark suggested having a working group <br />411 N. Ruby, Suite #1 TEL (509) 962-7523 <br />Ellensburg, WA 98926 FAX (509) 962-7663 <br />