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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />EC STUDY SESSION MINUTES <br />BOCC CONFERENCE ROOM,205 WEST 5TH ROOM 108 -ELLENSBURG <br />Special Meeting <br />WEDNESDAY 9:30 AM July 17,2019 <br />Board members present:Chairman Cory Wright;Vice-Chairman Brett <br />Wachsmith;and Commissioner Laura Osiadacz <br />Others:Kady Porterfield Event Center Director;Lacie Dawson Event Center Program <br />Manager;Dan Morgan Ellensburg Rodeo Board Member <br />At 9:30 a.m.Chairman Wright opened meeting to discuss Event Center business. <br />General Event and Rental updates:Kady discussed the complimentary usage of the facility by <br />Kittitas County,Rodeo Board,Posse and 4H. <br />Kady stated that she is still working with Cascade Cow Cutters and RCE in regard to fees from <br />Bloom construction.Kady is meeting with Cow Cutters 7/18/19,and will report back from <br />there. <br />Per Kady,the Posse has offered to carry a KVEC flag for parades;she will work to get one for <br />them. <br />Kady discussed the first alcohol service request for an event on the rodeo grounds at the end of <br />September.She is meeting with State Liquor Control and will update further after that meeting. <br />Currently,KVEC is only able to serve alcohol in Western Village,Behind the Chutes and the <br />Gold Buckle due to fencing issues. <br />Self-Promoted Events Business:Kady stated that Patriot Night went well with no big issues.For <br />future events,will seek more volunteers for setup and take down (Posse has already expressed <br />interest in helping next year).Kady will look at different seating configurations and beer garden <br />locations.Kady will be meeting with the city and KVFR next week to recap the event.City is <br />looking at possibly hosting a family event in Memorial Park in conjunction with Patriot Night <br />next year.Kady is working with one routing partner and is going to seek a second one,to get a <br />break on the cost of the entertainer. <br />Commissioner Wright asked if Kady had the final financial numbers.Per Kady,the complete <br />numbers are not finalized as of yet.The office is currently working on f'mal payments to service <br />providers and few other bills.Kady spoke with our promoter agent who stated it usually takes 3 <br />years for events of this type to make a profit.Commissioner Wright stated that it was a great event <br />and has received many compliments.Commissioner Wachsmith stated that people were glad to have <br />something to do for the holiday.He also expressed that a city partnership would be great to have. <br />Commissioner Wachsmith asked if this is something that could qualify for lodging tax.Kady will <br />look into it. <br />Sponsor Business:Kady has nothing to report until after fair. <br />2019-07-17 MINUTES l