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Public Health Study Session <br />June 26, 2019 <br />10:00am <br />Commissioners Conference Room <br /> <br /> <br />Attendees <br />Commissioners: Brett Wachsmith, Cory Wright <br />Public Health: Candi Blackford, Tristen Lamb, Amy Fuller <br /> <br />Department Business <br />Customer Feedback/Customer Satisfaction Survey <br />Tristen Lamb briefly discussed the customer satisfaction survey, as well as how and why this was <br />initiated. The survey will be used to provide customer feedback to the department, but there is a different <br />process through which the department receives notifications/complaints about potential public health <br />threats or concerns from the public. Amy Fuller worked through the customer service survey process and <br />reviewed with the commissioners how the surveys will be reviewed by the assessment/quality assurance <br />division and then streamlined to the appropriate point person (administrator/supervisor) for follow up if <br />needed. <br /> <br />Forms Project Policy <br />Amy Fuller handed out the flow chart for department quality improvement processes. The department <br />recently completed a review of all the forms and the forms creation and revision processes. All <br />department forms will be standardized in accordance with the newly created Forms Policy; with all forms <br />pertaining to fee-based activities already revised in May. All forms will now have to go through a process <br />(policy was attached in the packet provided). <br /> <br />Department Staffing updates <br />Tristen Lamb gave staffing updates on the following: <br /> The Community Health Specialist position will move to the assessment division, with the <br />possibility of adding assessment to job description in the future. <br /> Staff is working on spending down DD funds and creating a future plan for DD. <br /> Candi Blackford will be moving into her own office and Samantha Cox will be moving to the <br />front desk to help field water questions/applications. <br /> <br />Other Business <br />Tristen Lamb briefly updated the commissioners about a variance denial that may be brought to Board of <br />Health in July. Mrs. Lamb also briefly discussed that the department will be bringing up for discussion <br />the future of the Upper County Syringe Exchange at a Board of Health meeting in the next few months. <br /> <br />Meeting concluded at 11:07am